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Dead Space Remake Developer Deep Dive Focuses In On The Sounds Of Dead Space

Earlier this week, Motive Studio let us know that we can expect a new developer deep dive on the Dead Space Remake.

That deep dive aired live today, titled The Sound Of Fear Reimagined. Where as the last deep dive showcased some of the new mechanics players can expect in the remake, this one focused on the audio, and the sounds the remake.

Motive also reiterated their approach to the remake, in that their first step is always to be true to the original, to make sure that they are doing right by the source material. The next step is to then figure out what to enhance, and what can be improved with today’s tools.

For those who really like getting into the nitty gritty of audio, this deep dive does a great job of getting into how the original game sounded, and what’s changing with the remake.

There was also plenty of previously unseen footage, and an early look at some gameplay. If you want to check the stream out, you can do so right here.

Also, it’s best to watch this with headphones on, if you can.

Moreover, Motive announced that there will be a new developer livestream, in just a few weeks.

Source – [YouTube]