Death Stranding PS4 panel confirmed for PSX 2016

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that he will be attending PlayStation Experience 2016 this weekend to host a panel on his upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive actioner, Death Stranding.

The Metal Gear creator will host the panel on Saturday, December 3 at 1.00pm and will then be conducting an autograph session from 2.00 – 2.45pm. There’s currently no details on what we can expect from the panel in terms of content (perhaps the first Death Stranding gameplay?) although it does mention there will be special guests in the lineup.

The news follows rumors earlier this week that Death Stranding was set to make an appearance at Sony’s upcoming PlayStation bash. Kojima-san has quite a busy week, as he’ll also be attending The Game Awards tomorrow evening to pick up his Industry Icon Awards. 



Death Stranding trailer has gamers dazed and confused

Death Stranding was announced during Sony’s E3 2016 presentation, and is the first project to be developed by Kojima Productions following the legendary game designer’s departure from Konami last year. The game will star Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame, and there’s also rumors that actor Mads Mikkelson will be featured in the title too. 

Not much is known about the game at present, although Kojima-san has confirmed the project will be action-oriented and will be released at some point before 2019. Gamers have speculated about the theme of the game based on the rather ambiguous teaser trailer, and many theories have actually been debunked by the game’s creator

Most promising of all, however, is the fact Death Stranding will feature an open-world setting, although we don’t know how large the game will be at this point. Kojima-san and Reedus had previously collaborated on the canceled Silent Hills project alongside Hollywood director, Guillermo Del Toro.