Death Stranding release date has been confirmed, but we won’t find out for ages

Icelandic musician Ryan Karazija has confirmed that he’s in possession of something most of us won’t hear about for a while yet: the Death Stranding release date.

Yep, according to an interview with Karazija, Hideo Kojima’s upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive action-adventure title has already been given a date, although you can be sure of two things: it’s still a long way off, and we won’t be privy to such info for quite some time.

We had drinks, we talked, we had good food and laughed a bunch, and he asked about how I made certain sounds on a song, and different things like that,” he said. “And he showed me, he had his iPad, so he showed me all his pictures about what he was doing, his work with Norman Reedus. So he shows me a bunch of photos, and I know when the game is coming out, and all this stuff, and I can’t tell you guys.”

Karazija then emphasised that he wasn’t in fact joking about the release date, just to rub further salt into the wound.

Death Stranding gameplay footage is probably still a long way off

Death Stranding was announced during Sony’s E3 2016 press event, which was attended by Kojima-san himself, who made a suitably grand entrance to introduce the game. A decidedly ambiguous teaser trailer followed, confirming that Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame will be starring in the title.

Not much is known about the game at present, although Kojima-san has said that it will be familiar to action-adventure fans, though you can surely expect it to be punctuated with the sort of idiosyncrasies that the Metal Gear creator is renowned for. 

As mentioned, we don’t expect the game to be out for quite some time. Back at E3, it was reported that Kojima-san had yet to settle on a game engine for the project, so it’s obviously a couple of years out. 

Death Stranding is the first title from the newly-established independent branch of Kojima Productions following Kojima-san’s departure from Konami late last year. 

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