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Deathloop Developer Explains The Lack Of A New Game Plus Mode

Arkane Lyon has revealed that Deathloop will not feature a New Game Plus mode, although the decision not to include it was far from arbitrary – there’s a good reason why it’s not part of the package.

Speaking during a Q&A with Game Informer, Deathloop’s game director, Dinga Bakaba explained the lack of New Game Plus mode comes down factors with the game’s replayability.

No. The reason is that we wanted the replayability to be built into the structure of the game. To an extent, you will be replaying those areas a lot, you can unlock everything, [but] you cannot take everything with you at the same time. But it felt like making the campaign again while keeping your stuff, [players might feel] ‘well, that’s exactly what I was doing just before I finished the game.

Maybe it’s something we can experiment with, but we’ll have to be a bit more wild and maybe even a bit less diegetic than a New Game Plus, because of the nature of the game.

In a separate interview with OPM UK, Bakaba heaped praise on Sony’s decision to include an SSD in the PS5, describing its inclusion as a ‘blessing.’

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Deathloop is scheduled for release on PS5 and PC on May 21, 2021.

[Source – Game Informer Q&A]