DELAYED: MotorStorm 2 video coming on Wednesday

Update:  JeuxVideo has delayed the video until March 12.  We believe this is due the game developer placing an extended seven day embargo on the video. has released information that seems to be leading to a new exclusive video of MotorStorm 2 to be revealed this Wednesday.  The entire site is in French, but that isn’t a problem. Here is a basic translation for what is being said.

"JeuxVideo will have an exclusive video in regards to MotorStorm 2.  The video will arrive on Wednesday, March 5 and will be about the next title from Evolution Studios which is published by Sony.  You know this title exactly (very well), and you can watch the premier video of this game. Come back on Wednesday at 19:00 hours."

So, from what they’re saying, it would seem likely that they will have the very first look into MotorStorm 2.  We’ll keep our eyes open and bring it to you the moment it hits.  So keep checking back on Wednesday for the update.