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Deliver Us Home Kickstarter Is Off To A Great Start With 50% Funded In 6 Days

KeokeN Interactive has announced that the crowdfunding campaign for Deliver Us Home has already raised 50% of its goal funds in just six days.

This is obviously a great start for the game, which is looking to raise approximately €100,000 to get the project off the ground. In case you missed the initial announcement, KeokeN Interactive is currently working with a skeleton crew after being heavily impacted by the widespread industry layoffs this year. As such, Deliver Us Home was taken to Kickstarter as the best hope of funding the project.

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Set in the 23rd century, Deliver Us Home is set in a world where Earth has been reduced to a wasteland, prompting humanity to abandon it in search of a new home. You’re a descendant of one of those evacuees, and have trained vigorously as an interplanetary astronaut, where you are tasked with exploring space to find a permanent home for the human race.

The crowdfunding campaign for Deliver Us Home is set to last 30 days, and with half of its goal already raised, there’s every chance it will hit its target.

[Source – KeokeN Interactive On X]