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Demon’s Souls On PS5 Still Hides Four Unique Items, Says Modder

Lance McDonald, a reliable leaker and well-known modder, has revealed that the Demon’s Souls PS5 remake still hides four unique items for fans to uncover.

Speaking on Twitter, McDonald didn’t go into any further details as to what the items actually are, but there’s obviously still secrets to be uncovered.

Bluepoint Games added a number of new items to the Demon’s Souls remake that still remain undiscovered. If we ever get a PlayStation 5 jailbreak, maybe I’ll be able to figure it out, but for now all I know is there’s four undiscovered items and what they’re called.

McDonald has a lot of history with FromSoftware games, having unearthed a ton of content that was cut from the final version of Bloodborne, as well as modding the game to run at 60 FPS.

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Demon’s Souls was released for the PS5 in November 2020 as a launch game, and was handled by Bluepoint Games. You can read our full review here.

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