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Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes Revealed

Bungie has detailed the Destiny 2 update patch notes, which sees the release of the Year 2 Moments of Triumph among various improvements for the Activision-less shared-world shooter. One of the biggest changes with the update is the addition of new Clan XP rewards, which you can check out below.

Destiny 2 Update Brings XP Changes

Check out the list of Destiny 2 patch notes below.


Added clan XP rewards to the following:

  • Strikes launched from the Director
  • Black Armory forges
  • Escalation Protocol (requires completion of Level 7 and players must open the chest)

Rebalanced clan XP rewards

  • Raid: 2,000
  • Raid lair: 1,500
  • Nightfall: 1,000
  • Crucible: 500
  • Strikes: 500
  • Patrol: 250
  • Story: 250
  • Adventure: 250
  • Heroic adventure: 500
  • Forge: 500
  • Menagerie: 1,000
  • Reckoning:
    – Tier 1: 500
    – Tier 2: 750
    – Tier 3: 1,000
  • Escalation Protocol: 750
  • Gambit: 500
  • Public events: 250
  • Blind Well: 250


  • Outbreak Perfected can no longer generate nanites when shooting immune targets
  • Fixed an issue where magazine size indicators didn’t display the proper arrows when changing magazine perks on some Machine Guns
  • Fixed an issue where the Sturm’s Accomplice perk would not reload Sidearms other than Drang or Drang (Baroque)
  • Fixed an issue where the Sturm’s Accomplice perk would play excessive reload audio on kill when paired with Drang or Drang (Baroque)
  • Fixed an issue where Season 5 Vanguard Pulse Rifle Nightshade wasn’t available after Season 5
  • Fixed an issue where 21% Delirium was gaining stacks of Killing Tally from shooting persistent destroyable objects


Fixed an issue where players could reach an advantageous out-of-bounds spot during Crucible matches on Emperor’s Respite map

Crown of Sorrow

Fixed an issue preventing players from activating the Witch’s Vessel objects in Crown of Sorrow encounters


  • Players will no longer be able to use their Chalice to gain multiple rewards within the same Menagerie run
  • In the Gauntlet encounter of the Menagerie, only living players will be given credit for completing a lap
  • Fixed an issue where Werner’s weekly bounties no longer gave powerful rewards
  • Fixed an issue where Rune Bonus II for the Chalice was not always refunding a rune
  • Fixed an issue causing the chests on the Barge to reset on Sunday