Destiny 2 beta: How to access the hidden location – Lost Sector


The Destiny 2 beta has been going for less than 24 hours, and inevitably, some eagle-eyed players have managed to unearth a secret location just as they achieved with the original game back in 2014.

Destiny 2 – how to access the Lost Sector

This hidden location is known as the Lost Sector, which can be found on the planetoid Nessus. These areas take the form of new dungeon-esque locations that can be found in Destiny 2’s Patrol missions, only they’re not actually available in the beta. In this instance, the Hidden Sector is found in the new Strike, the Inverted Spire.

Simply, take a right as soon as the Strike begins rather than following the objective path. Watch the following video on how to access the Lost Sector:

As expected, there’s not an awful lot to see as the area technically hasn’t been finished yet and shouldn’t actually be open to players. As such, there’s a lot of broken geometry and half-finished sections, although it’s still a tantalising glimpse at what we can expect from the final game. 

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Those of you who have been with Destiny since the beginning may recall that players were able to glitch into areas that would later show up in the expansions The Dark Below and House of Wolves, so we imagine this is a similar scenario. Players have also spotted a door that looks suspiciously like the one found in the Vault of Glass from the original game. 

Destiny 2 is due to ship on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017, with a PC version arriving in October. The open beta will kick off later this week, with early access for Xbox One owners going live today.