Destiny 2 beta update released for PS4, and it’s a whopper

destiny 2 beta update

Bungie has released a major new update for the Destiny 2 beta client today, which must be downloaded if you are to take part in the shared-world shooter teaser. 

While the pre-load file was only around 400MB for the beta, this latest update for Destiny 2 weighs in at a rather hefty 12.6GB on PlayStation 4, which suggest that this is the full beta download featuring all available content. 

As previously reported, the Destiny 2 beta will kick off for pre-order customers today at 10.00am PT for PS4, with Xbox One owners able to join in on the action tomorrow. PC gamers, meanwhile, will have to wait until August to take Destiny 2 for a test drive. Those of you who haven’t pre-ordered the game can take part in the beta from July 21. 

Elsewhere, Bungie confirmed that the Homecoming story mission will be available for all players, while the Crucible and Strike requires a PlayStation Plus/Xbox LIVE membership to access. Be sure to check out a list of known issues that you may run into with the beta.

Destiny 2 is scheduled for release on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017, with the PC version will arrive in late October. The game takes place following the events of Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion, and sees Guardians on the retreat after a devastating attack on the Tower by a Cabal unit known as The Red Legion. As a result, gamers will lose all their hard-earned gear and loot, although you’ll still be able to transfer any cosmetic tweaks for your character(s) over to the sequel.

The sequel will introduce a number of key changes over its predecessor, including a revamped Crucible that focuses on 4v4 matches, plus a more expansive open-world ripe with new side quests known as Adventures. In addition, there’s a brand new hub to enjoy, which even accommodates its own football pitch for those of you who loved a bit of a kick about in the original game.

Source: GameSpot