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Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Weapons And Gear Trailer Showcases 10 Awesome Looking Exotics


Bungie has revealed a brand new Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer focusing on 10 new Exotic weapons and pieces of gear you will be able to earn in the new expansion.

The classic Pulse Rifle No Time To Explain returns, alongside the new Cloudstrike Sniper Rifle which emits lightning on precision strikes. The Lament sword can shred through enemy barrier shields. The Salvation’s Grip Trace Rifle shoots Stasis projectiles.

When it comes to gear, the Icefall Mantle for Titan’s will replace your barricade with an overshield, whilst the Hunter’s Mask of Bakris replaces your dodge with shift. Athrys’ Embrace for Hunter’s gives you a superior weighted knife, whilst the Warlock’s Dawn Chorus gear improves your burn and Daybreak damage. Also for the Warlock, Necrotic Grip adds poison to your melee spread. Precious Scars will give you a shield when reviving.

You can watch the Destiny 2: Beyond Light weapons and gear trailer below:

Destiny 2: Beyond Light releases for PS4 on November 10, 2020, with the game and DLC available on PS5 when the console launches.