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Destiny 2: Codename Frontiers Revealed, Coming Next Year

Bungie has just launched what is arguably the most significant expansion in the history of its Destiny IP so far with The Final Shape, and now just days later players can’t wait to hear about what comes next.

Which of course is the way of things. Bungie published a video to its YouTube channel titled “The Journey Ahead,” and revealed to players what else they can look forward to as Destiny continues to evolve.

We got a look at Echoes, the first of three “episodes” that’ll be different new story content for players to dive into as soon as June 11, 2024 when this first episode releases.

But perhaps the most significant reveal from this video looking ahead is a tease for what’s to come in 2025, and that is something called Codename: Frontiers.

It’s all we get from Bungie, there’s no more hint as to what “Frontiers” could mean, but fans are immediately taking it to mean the Guardians will finally be traveling beyond the Sol galaxy.

Which would have huge implications as to how the gameplay and story could evolve, and could very well be the thing that really kicks off a whole new second era of Destiny 2, with the first one having been given a conclusion in The Final Shape.

It’s an exciting time to be a Destiny 2 fan, to say the least.

Source – [Bungie]