Destiny 2 leak confirms DLC expansion pass road map & cosmetic character transfer

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A slew of new Destiny 2 details have been revealed courtesy of some leaked documents received at GameStop stores across North America.

Coming via dedicated Destiny YouTuber MoreConsole, the  Destiny 2 leak details stem from material received by GameStop from the game’s developer Bungie which delves into some commonly-asked questions regarding the upcoming sci-fi sequel in addition to some information about the game’s Expansion Pass.

In terms of transferring your Destiny 1 character to Bungie’s next surefire hit, it’s a bit of mixed bag; confirmed by the Washington-based developer itself and by the fact that the Citadel has been levelled as per the latest Destiny 2 trailer, your Guardian’s stats won’t make the jump over, but all cosmetic personalizations — class, gender, race, face, marking selections, etc – will so long as you were level 20 in the original game and had completed The Black Garden story mission.

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In addition, there’s plans in place to further reward your Destiny 1 exploits in the sequel but details of that aren’t forthcoming at this time. Just don’t expect it to be anything stat-boosting related.

It also seems that Bungie’s aware of some of the early-game grind that plagued the original game and as such will make provisions to ensure that gamers get into the real meat and action of Destiny 2 much sooner.

Destiny 2 leak lays out plans for Expansion Pass

As for the game’s Expansion Pass — which is retailing at around $40 by itself — you’ll get access to the game’s first two major DLC releases. The first will drop in winter 2017, some three months after the game’s actual release on Sept. 8. And you can expect to see the second one in spring of 2018. As you can imagine, both expansions will contain more story missions, cooperative actions, weapons and gear, and competitive multiplayer content.

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Destiny 2 is set to release on Sept. 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Be sure to check back to PSU on May 18 when the reveal of Destiny 2 gameplay will be happening.