Destiny 2 preload date confirmed for PS4


Bungie has confirmed the Destiny 2 preload date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users who have pre-ordered the digital version of the upcoming shared-world shooter.

Despite Sony’s deal with Activision, the Xbox One version of the game will be available to preload first, starting early next week. The PS4 version will follow slightly later on August 31, but still earlier than the previously reported September 3 date.

Destiny 2 release date is just weeks away

The advantage of preloading a game means you can have the title fully downloaded to your console’s hard drive for release day. In Destiny 2’s case, that means you can start playing as soon as September 6 rolls around, with no pesky download times getting in the way on launch.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that the Destiny 2 file size will weigh in at a minimum of 68GB on the PS4. This is the vanilla version of the game too, so any future updates will likely take the overall size well into the 70-80GB range. 

Destiny 2 kicks off following a devastating attack on the Tower, humanity’s last stronghold, by a Cabal unit known as the Red Legion. As a result, Guardians are forced into hiding and lose all their hard-earned equipment, which means you, the player, won’t be able to transfer any of your loot and gear over to the sequel. 

Bungie is implementing a number of key changes for its highly anticipated sequel. Chief among the new additions to the Destiny formula include a revamped Crucible experience, which focuses on 4v4 matches, as well as a more expansive open-world ripe with side quests, known here as Adventures. 

The Destiny 2 beta wrapped earlier this summer, which offered a chance to test out the Inverted Spire strike, two Crucible maps, plus the opening mission Homecoming. 

Source: Bungie