Destiny 2 Prison of Elders is NOT happening

Bungie has confirmed that the Prison of Elders will not be returning for Destiny 2.

The studio’s comments come following rumors that the co-op event would be brought back, after files seemingly related to Prison of Elders were found within the Destiny 2 data files. 

Destiny 2 Prison of Elders is not on the cards

However, it seems that this is not the case, with Prison of Elders not returning for the first-person shooter sequel. 

Speaking on Reddit, the studio said there’s “no current plans to bring PoE to D2,” and said of the files that, “this is just some leftover bits… just dust and echoes.”

Prison of Elders was introduced in Destiny’s 2015 expansion House of Wolves. The mode sees gamers competing in a skill-based wave mode, culminating in a boss battle and some well-earned loot. 

Despite its challenge, the mode came under fire from gamers due to a perceived lack of quality loot, its difficulty when fighting bosses, and overall format. As such, it was assumed that if Prison of Elders were to return for Destiny 2, Bungie would see fit to tweak it accordingly.

The game mode was also linked to The Reef, one of the additional social hubs added to Destiny as part of House of Wolves. As players are aware, this particular location does not feature in Destiny 2, instead replaced by other social areas such as The Farm. 

Bungie will launch the Destiny 2 Prestige difficulty this week as part of the weekly reset. Looking ahead, the former Halo developer has asked gamers to offer feedback on what they would like to see from the upcoming Destiny 2 DLC, which launches in December.

Destiny 2 recently wrapped up its first Faction Rallies event, which saw Dead Orbit triumph over New Monarchy and Future War Cult.