Destiny 2 release – 5 things you should know about Bungie’s sequel

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With the Destiny 2 release incoming, and despite a few story leaks, there’s still a lot of details being kept under wraps by Bungie about the sequel to its sci-fi first-person shooter, but here’s five things that are worth knowing about right now.

1. Bungie will evolve its universe to make it feel more populated than in Destiny. That’s going to mean quests that are more interesting than the current patrol missions, and areas that are far more populated, particularly the hub areas.

2. Following the mess that Bungie made of Destiny’s story, which it turned around to some degree in the subsequent expansions, you can bet the studio won’t want to make the same mistakes. Expect a tighter narrative which will hopefully have less plot holes than the original. Bungie is obviously serious about the Destiny 2 story because its hired Mass Effect writer Christopher Shlerf. Publisher Activision has also mentioned that a “cinematic story” will be one of the main highlights.

3. Your current Destiny character will be carried over to Destiny 2. By this, Bungie means that personalization of your Guardian, in terms of the way it looks, its race and class only.

destiny 2 news

4. Your current Destiny character will lose all of his current items. In Destiny 2 he will be reset, so you won’t be able to access your current gear, weapons or Eververse items that you paid for. This also includes your level. Your level will be reset to zero.

5. In the lead up to the Destiny 2 release date, current players in Destiny can enjoy one final live event called Age of Triumph which looks likely to set up the Destiny 2 release nicely. It’s heavily rumoured that the Destiny 2 release will be at the end of August or early September. This ties in nicely with the conclusion of Daybreak.

The original Destiny will continue as normal after the Destiny 2 release, but you shouldn’t expect any further major updates as Bungie will want to encourage players to step into its evolved world and play missions, crucible multiplayer and co-op with friends in Destiny 2.

Though the level reset is disappointing, the universe that awaits is a new and exciting one for Guardians that should surpass the greatness of the original. We’re thoroughly expecting a better storyline, more sub-classes, more populated regions and more exciting quests outside of the main narrative.