Destiny 2 release date may have been worked out by Reddit user

destiny 2 release date

Bungie has seemingly given its biggest hint yet regarding the Destiny 2 release date following its latest batch of info regarding the upcoming Age of Triumph event for its polarizing shared-world shooter.

As noted by a user on Destiny Reddit, the former Halo developer confirmed that one week of Daybreak (the new Strike modifier) per month in regards to the Nightfall until July 18, then six weeks straight, which takes us to August 29. Could this be the day that we see Destiny 2 rolled out across stores? It wouldn’t be entirely out of the question, as we already know that the game will launch later on in the year, and this particular date puts is in close proximity to the usual September release window of previous Destiny content.

Bungie recently explained the modifier in detail. Daybreak includes all the Epic modifiers — meaning that players will encounter many aggressive, shielded enemies — but also increases the recharge rate of Guardian abilities (grenades, melee attacks and super attacks). Essentially, Daybreak brings the Crucible gametype Mayhem into the Nightfall strike.

Of course, the Destiny 2 release date is just speculation at this point, although with E3 coming up in the next few months we’ll hopefully get some solid information on when we can expect Destiny 2 to see the light of day. However, players of the original game needn’t panic just yet; Bungie has confirmed Destiny will be remaining online for the foreseeable future.

As for Destiny 2, early reports suggest the game will carry the subtitle ‘Forge of Hope,’ and will focus on the Cabal as the primary antagonists this time around as they forge an all-out war on humanity’s last stronghold, leading an attack on the Tower. Bungie has confirmed that you won’t be able to carry your character’s possessions (currency, Eververse items, power etc) from the original game over, although the sequel will feature a more robust character customisation feature and you will still maintain your ‘emotional bond’ with your Destiny Guardian.

Pleasingly, Activision has confirmed that Destiny 2 will not be plagued by the same content droughts as its predecessor. In fact, rumors suggest that the first major expansion for the game is already in development, with a release targeting late 2018.