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Destiny 2 Update 2.08 Out Now, Fixes Motion Blur And Film Grain Setting Issue On PS5

Bungie has released the Destiny 2 update 2.08 patch notes for you to digest, which you can now download for PS4, PC and Xbox One. The update is also available for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and comes with some specific bug fixes for those versions of the game related to Motion Blur and Film Grain settings.

Read up on Destiny 2 2.08 below!

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  • Fixed an issue where Stasis crystals could be used to wedge oneself between a rock and a hard place, resulting in Guardians being phased through closed doors.
  • Fixed an issue where players could encounter a crash when emote swapping while frozen.
  • Fixed an issue where Warlocks could emit a damage impulse using Vesper of Radius without using their Rift charge.
      • With this resolved, Vesper of Radius may once again be equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where players could achieve Solo Flawless Dungeon Triumphs using checkpoints.
  • Fixed an issue where settings for Motion Blur, Film Grain, and Chromatic Aberration would reset to default between play sessions on next-gen consoles.