Destiny 2 update: new weapons and supers for Bungie’s PS4 sequel

destiny 2 update news

Bungie has confirmed details on Destiny 2  weapon system during a dedicated livestream event overnight, outlining a number of key additions and changes for its highly anticipated sci-fi shooter.

Chiefly, Destiny 2 has completely revamped the weapon class system, with the previous game’s Primary, Secondary, and Heavy classes replaced with Kinetic, Energy, and Power divisions. The latter also includes some of the new weapons on offer, such as the Grenade Launcher and Chaingun, while standards such as Fusion and Sniper Rifles also slot into the Power category. 

Check out some of the new Destiny 2 weapons below.

destiny 2 new weapons


Elsewhere, the developer also touched on Destiny 2’s new Super attacks, which include the Warlock Dawnblade, allowing Guardians to leap into the air and bring their sword down with devastating force. Meanwhile, Titans now have a new Super ability known as the Sentinel, which lets them lob the weapon at distant foes or brawl up-close Captain America-style. Another Super comes in the shape of the Arcstrider, which summons a staff that you can batter foes with as the Hunter class.

Check out a few images of the new Destiny 2 Super abilities below.

destiny 2 supers



Destiny 2 is due out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on September 8, 2017. 

Source: GameSpot