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Destiny 2 Xur Location This Week – Feb 21 – Feb 24, 2020

If you’re on the hunt for the Agent of Nine, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the Destiny 2 Xur location this week, and find out which items the mysterious vendor has in stock.

Each week, Xur plonks himself down in a landing zone in a secret area on the Destiny 2 map. By visiting him, you can exchange your Legendary Shards for a host of exotic items.

What Time Does Xur Arrive In Destiny 2?

The hooded figure is available every Friday, and he always arrives at the same time at 5 pm GMT/12 Central. Bungie removed his location from the map, so you’ll now have to search to find his location.

Destiny 2 Xur Location this week

EDZ – You will want to spawn into Winding Cove down toward the South-West of the map. Once spawned in you’ll want to head straight up a small hill where you should see a fair amount of Fallen equipment on the ground and also hanging from the cliffside. A few Fallen should be roaming around here and will attack you, it’s up to you if you want to spare them. On the cliff to your left, there will be a large fallen ship attached to the wall of the cliff. Towards the right of that, in the wall of the rock, you will see a small cave-like entrance that will wrap around and up to a ledge where Xûr is waiting. This week he has the following items.

Xur’s Location On The Destiny 2 Map

What Gear Does Xur Have This Week?


Raiden Flux

Intrinsic Perk:

  • Synapse Junction
    • Chained Arc Staff hits buff to damage and duration.


Mask of the Quiet One

Intrinsic Perk

  • Dreaded Visage
    • Gain ability energy when you’re damaged. When critical, heal on kills.


Crown of Tempests

Intrinsic Perk:

  • Conduction Tines
    • Arc ability kills restore Arc ability.

Which Weapon Does Xur Have This Week?

The Colony

Grenade Launcher

  • Insectoid Robot Grenades
  • Fires insectoid robot grenades that chase targets and explode in close proximity.
  • Linear Compensator
    • Slightly Increases Projectile
    • Slightly Increases Blast Radius
    • Slightly Increases Stability
  • High-Velocity Rounds
    • Increases Projectiles Speed
    • Increased Reload Speed
  • Serve The Colony
    • Insectoid robot grenades quickly repopulate the magazine from reserves while the Colony is unequipped.
  • Composite Stock
    • Slightly Increases Stability
    • Slightly Increased Handling Speed

Fated Engrams and Five of Swords

Fated Engram

The Fated Engrams are exotic engrams that award you exotics that Xûr has the ability to sell. However, you haven’t acquired yet.

The best strategy for these is to buy any exotics you have not yet acquired from Xûr is he is selling them. This is to eliminate the chance of the Fated Engram giving you something that you could have just purchased.

Once you have all the Exotics that Xûr can sell then these engrams are no longer worth the purchase.

Fated Engrams will now also have a chance to be Forsaken Exotics.

Five of Swords

Five of Swords are used for Nightfalls. You only need to purchase them once unless you accidentally dismantle it.

Five of Swords allows you to set modifiers to the Nightfall to make it easier with a lower Nightfall score or to make it harder with a multiplier to the Nightfall score. There are many different combinations and the modifiers can be changed endlessly.

Invitation of the Nine

We have moved the Invitations to a new location. Click here to find them.

So, that’s the Destiny 2 Xur location this week. We hope you manage to swag some decent loot! Stay tuned to PSU each week, where we’ll help you find Xur every Friday.

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