Destiny Age of Triumph weekly rituals and loot boxes outed in live stream


Bungie has rolled out new details on Destiny Age of Triumph, confirming a slew of fresh content for the shared-world shooter’s final live event. 

For starters, Guardians can expect new loot boxes known as Treasures of Ages, which will contain new emotes and Ornaments (you’ll find Ornaments for the Vex Mythoclast, Touch of Malice, Necrochasm, and No Land Beyond). In addition, they’ll also have a chance of coughing up loot from previous events such as Festival of the Lost if you want to complete your collection. The boxes can be earned up to three times per week on playlists, or can be purchased with real-world money via 200 Silver Dust. 

Elsewhere, The Speaker will present new quests for gamers to take on, including story missions, Strikes, patrol missions, PvP, and more. Loot boxes can be earned from completing story missions in addition to the Weekly Crucible playlists and Heroic Strike playlists. If that wasn’t enough, from March 28 onwards Bungie will roll out one Nightfall per moth featuring the Daybreak modifier, which activates all Epic modifiers in the Nightfall but also boosts your Super recharge. 

From July 18 until mid-August, each weekly Nightfall will feature the Daybreak modifier, while completing the Nightfall will reintroduce the old ‘Blue Flame’ above your character’s head plus an XP boost.

The Destiny Age of Triumph release date is March 28,  and in addition to the above content will feature a new Record Book and will see the return of old raids including Crota’s End and Vault of Glass, which will be brought up to the current Light Level (Bungie isn’t increasing the Light Level for his latest update).

Bungie has confirmed that it will be keeping Destiny online for the foreseeable future despite the impending launch of Destiny 2 in late 2017.