Destiny’s PlayStation scoop – exclusive content won’t land on Xbox until at least Fall 2015

It appears that the PS3 and PS4 exclusive content for Destiny will be a timed-exclusive and will eventually land on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but not until Fall 2015.

During E3 2014, Sony revealed that Bungie’s shooter would receive exclusive content for PlayStation platforms. It was confirmed that an exclusive map, a strike mission and gear would be available exclusively for PS3 and PS4 owners.

A listing on Amazon, now confirms that PlayStation gamers will enjoy that content exclusively for one year after its launch date of September 9 ,2014.

“Exclusive content for PlayStation 4 owners includes the Exodus Blue Competitive Multiplayer Map, Dust Palace Strike, Weapons, Ships and Gear that will only be on PlayStation until at least Fall 2015.”

The Alpha phase for Destiny has recently concluded, while the beta phase for PS3 and PS4 owners kicks off on July 17. A beta launch date for Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers has yet to be confirmed.

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