Destiny:Where is Xur? May 19 to 21, 2017 location

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Where is Xur?

Despite all the Destiny 2 hype, it’s business as usual for the Agent of the Nine, Xur. The exotic good’s salesman is back in Destiny where you can use your Strange coins to buy a variety of weapons and armor.

Xur morphs into the Tower or the Reef every Friday at 10am BST before he disappears on Sunday, 11am BST.

Last week, he Xur was in the Tower. If you’re hoping to find Xur this week, he’s down by the Speaker in the Tower North.

Here’s what Xur is selling this week:

Eternal Warrior – Helmet

Skyburners Annex- Helmet

Heart of the Praxic Fire –  Chest Armor

Bad Juju – Pulse Rifle

Weapon bundles: Mida Multi-tool and Artic Survivalist, and Red Death and White Witch.

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In other Destiny news, the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal earlier this week showed off some fantastic cinematics, and gave us our first look at some of the new weapons, including a flaming sword.