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Destruction AllStars’ Microtransactions Lock Story Challenges Behind Paywall, No Way Play Them In-Game At Launch For Free


We have just got our first look at Destruction AllStars on PS5 in a new State of Play showcase and Lucid Games has revealed how the microtransactions in the game will work. And, to put it nicely, they don’t seem particularly user friendly.

Cosmetics in the game can be bought with two currencies. AllStar Points are earned in-game by playing online. However, Destruction Points can only be purchased through the PlayStation Store with real-world money. Most cosmetics can be bought with either currency; however, some like the rarest colors and skins are locked behind Destruction Points.

This means that for some cosmetics you will only be able to get them with real-world money. However, the most problematic part of this is that the Challenge Series Events in-game can only be redeemed with Destruction Points. These events are trials and challenges, with story backstory to each of the AllStars you can take control of. Some of these events are the modes from the online mode and some are new and unique to this mode. This will then conclude with a showdown against your rival, complete with cutscenes.

This seems to be the main issue with how Destruction Points are dolled out and it certainly seems like a problematic way of dealing with microtransactions. Lucid Games do highlight that you will be able to earn Destruction Points in-game later this year but gives no time frame on that. It also isn’t clear if the Challenge Series events will rotate and leave the game at various points.

What are your thoughts on this. You can watch the section from the State of Play below:

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Destruction AllStars releases for PS5 on February 2, 2021, and is available for free to PS Plus subscribers.