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Destruction AllStars PS5 ESRB Rating Confirms In-Game Purchases

The ESRB has posted up a rating for PS5 launch game Destruction AllStars, confirming that microtransactions will be featured in the title.

Destruction AllStars In-Game Purchases Confirmed

The rating page lists ‘in-game purchases (PlayStation 5)’ and confirms a Teen certificate for the game. IN fact, we’ve posted the full description below in case you’re interested about what Destruction All-Stars is all about:

This is an action driving game in which players compete to become the Destruction Allstars champion. Players choose a character and compete in various game modes (e.g., Mayhem, Crash Course, Skirmish), accumulating points by destroying competitors’ vehicles.

Players often crash into others, resulting in slow-motion effects and realistic vehicular damage (e.g., sparks, explosions, dents). Collisions sometimes cause characters to get flung out of their vehicles; on-foot drivers can be run over, resulting in a “KO.” During the frenetic action, characters can also trigger environmental hazards (e.g., spinning blades) which can cleave vehicles in half.

Destruction AllStars is due for release alongside the PS5 at launch and is developed by Lucid Games and PlayStation Studios.

[Source – ESRB via Reddit]