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Destruction AllStars Update 2.002.000 Patch Notes Add Competitive Mode Blitz


Lucid Games has gone ahead and revealed the Destruction AllStars update 2.002.000 patch notes, which add the Blitz twelve player competitive mode to the game.

Released on Reddit, you can see the full patch notes below:

  • New Multiplayer game mode, BLITZ!
  • Blitz is a 12 player mode, split between 4 teams with 3 players on each.

  • Play Blitz, and earn earn exclusive weekly rewards.

  • Blitz is designed around competitive play.

  • At launch it’s unranked. (The introduction of ranks/levels in Blitz will come later down the road)

  • Added a new weekly challenge for Blitz.

  • Added two seasonal challenges exclusive to Blitz.

Alongside this update, Lucid Games has announced that they will be adding online bots to the game in the future to help support the game when player counts are low. The game also just received a photo mode, which can be used in offline modes.

Destruction AllStars is available now on PS5.

Source – [Reddit]