Detroit dev also working on unannounced PS4 game – report


Quantic Dream is reportedly beavering away on an unannounced title for PS4 in addition to its current project, Detroit: Become Human.

That’s at least according to a series of LinkedIn profiles for ex-employees at the French studio, who specifically refer to an ‘unannounced Quantic Dream title’ for Sony’s flagship gaming console. This is interesting, considering the studio has not officially confirmed it is working on another game beyond Detroit at this point.

Both Zachary Parris and Joel Janisse, who served as screenwriter and script writer for the Heavy Rain developer, give mention of the mystery title on their online portfolios. While the game wasn’t named beyond “unannounced Quantic Dream projects on Playstation 4,” it’s worth noting that their profiles claim that the title has been in development since 2014. Could we hear something about it at E3? 

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Quantic Dream has made a name for itself developing PlayStation-exclusive software, including the likes of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, both of which were recently remastered for the PS4. Prior to that, the studio cut its teeth on Omikron and Fahrenheit on Dreamcast and PS2, respectively. 

Detroit was announced during Sony’s Paris Games Week presentation back in 2015, and is based off of a PS3 tech demo from 2012 known as Kara. The game is being directed by David Cage and focuses on a future where androids are employed by humans to carry out menial tasks, with the central character, Kara, becoming self-aware and subsequently struggling to find her place in the world. Detroit features a brand new game engine and a script that took Cage more than two years to pen.

As with previous titles developed by Quantic Dream, players have the option of continuing the story in Detroit even if various characters have been killed off depending upon their choices made. As such, the game’s narrative features multiple branching paths and requires plenty of exploration on the player’s part, as they collect info and arm themselves with as much info as possible in order to resolve sequences as best as possible. 

Source: GamingBolt