Devil May Cry 4 Hands On

While attending the Capcom Pre-E3 event earlier this month, PSU got some hands on time with Devil May Cry 4 for the PlayStation 3. Complete with a 46 inch 1080p Vizo HDTV, debug PlayStation 3 unit, and beautiful VIP room surroundings; I was set and ready to delve into this action packed macabre shooter.

The demo began with me finding my way out of a town court yard and making my way into a gloomy church where Nero is only equipped his Blue Rose revolver, Red Queen sword, and his demon enchanted arm. Using the most basic puzzle solving techniques and destroying a few baddies on the way, I found it a breeze to complete the first section of the demo. While inside the church, players will accomplish tasks such as collecting gems and using the Grim Grip ability (a power you acquire for your demon arm) to grapple platforms and float from one point to another.

After exiting the holy grounds, the demo leaps forward into the game dropping Nero into an arctic world filled with snow and blizzard like winds. Amongst the storm you find yourself engaging nefarious semi-bosses; giant ice creatures that that glide across the empty snow fields and fly above you for a devastating drop attacks. The best way to fight back is to utilize your demon arm to stun them and then pull off sword and gun combos. Once you’ve destroyed the evil frost demons, the demo jumps again, this time to the final demo boss battle.

Here is where I fought the coolest boss I have seen in a game since God of War 2. Although Berial (demonic fire god) was fairly easy to beat, I still enjoyed watching the surrounding town be destroyed with his leviathan sized sword and Earth shattering ground stomps. Berial would also make use of his fire tail to bestow destructive harm to anything in its path.

The best way I found to handle this demonic being was to shoot him from a distance and avoid his sweeping sword attacks, and then when he unleashed one of his ground tremors, to jump towards him and unleash hellish fury of “devil bringer” arm strikes and sword combos.

In short the controls were solid and animations beautifully rendered at 60fps. However, I would have to say the environments were a bit of a disappointment with excessive use of invisible walls and lack of interactivity. I felt as though I was trapped in a very linear game which feels a little outdated in the "next gen" world.

Essentially Capcom presents some of the same distinguished gameplay known to the Devil May Cry series while also offering a twist in both the storyline and new abilities in the demon arm. If you are a fan of third person shooters or the Devil May Cry franchise, this newest installment will not disappoint.

PSU has been told that due to having trouble with the Xbox 360 development, Capcom will be delaying Devil May Cry 4 to late January, or possibly early February for a simultaneous release.

Stay tuned to PSU for the latest news on Devil May Cry 4 and its developments.