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Devolver Digital Co-Founder Backs ‘Selling Games First” Over Game Pass-Style Day One Launches

The co-founder of Devolver Digital has said that the publisher is all for “selling games first” instead of launching them day one on subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus.

Speaking with Games, Nigel Lowrie revealed growth of subscription services like Microsoft and Sony’s offers are slowing down, and that deals are getting worse in regards to indie developers getting in on the action.

A lot of it seems a little obtuse on how many people are actually [using them]. Every once in a while you hear how many subscribers these services have, so you don’t really know. And you don’t know how active they are. Are they part of a larger service? Some of these companies have multiple things outside of games and their subscription service also encompasses music or movies and things like that.

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We still really strongly believe in selling games first, because over the past 15 years, we know there’s an audience to buy these games. And we’re looking at subscription more for the longer tail, the people on the edge of things who were never really going to jump in at $40 or $30 or $20. But they’re willing to try it, maybe buy something cosmetic or something like that? We’re looking at it more as a long tail thing now, and my hope is that’s where the industry is going.

Devolver Digital announced back in February that Douglas Morin, its CEO, had stepped down from his role and would be replaced by co-founder and ex-CEO, Harry Miller.

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