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Die Gute Fabrik, The Studio Behind Saltsea Chronicles, Mutazione And Others Announces It Is Halting Production

Along with the Supermassive layoffs, more sad news hit the games industry Monday morning, but from a slightly different angle. Beloved indie studio Die Gute Fabrik, the team behind 2023’s Saltsea Chronicles, has announced it is halting production.

The studio announced the news through a social media post on Twitter, with a statement that explained the studio is halting production as a result of not getting the funding needed to keep going.

Most of the remaining funds are being used to pay staff for another month so they can “catch their breaths,” says the studio, since they all now need to be looking for new jobs, leadership included.

“We’re sad to share with you all the news that Die Gute Fabrik is halting production,” the statement began. “The publishing and investment scene is so tough for companies and projects of our scale right now it’s made it extremely difficult for Die Gute Fabrik to secure funding for our next project without a gap in income.

We halted production on the 19th February, and used our remaining runaway to give the current team a month of paid time to catch their breaths. We will still try and seek funding to resume production, but wanted to announce this publicly in order that the team can share that they’re looking for new roles.”

The studio will stick around to service its already released projects, and the door is left open that if it can ever get the necessary funding, it’ll resume operations. For now though, the studio cannot continue making games.

It’s unfortunate to see such a dedicated indie team at the point where they simply need to disband, though hopefully this isn’t the end for Die Gute Fabrik, and the studio can continue in some form in the future.

Source – [Die Gute Fabrik]