Dino Crisis producer has ideas about a new game, also wants to bring back God Hand

Dino Crisis producer Shinji Mikami has said he’s had ideas about a new entry in the survival horror franchise for a while now, but is unable to put his plans into action as Capcom holds the rights to the franchise.

Speaking to Gamelab (via translation on EuroGamer PT), the Resident Evil creator also said he wants to bring back cult hit God Hand with all-new RPG elements. 

Sadly, unless Mikami-san can acquire the rights to both series from Capcom, his ideas are unlikely to come into fruition. Reports back in early 2014 suggested Capcom was going to reboot the series, although nothing official was ever announced.

Dino Crisis launched in 1999 for PlayStation and was followed by a sequel the following year. The Xbox-exclusive Dino Crisis 3 followed in 2003, but was received poorly by gamers and reviewers alike for eschewing much of the elements of its predecessors, as well as setting the action in space hundreds of years in the future.

God Hand was released on PlayStation 2 in 2005 and has yet to receive a follow-up.