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Dino Crisis Producer Reveals He’s Involved In Capcom’s ExoPrimal

Capcom’s ExoPrimal isn’t the new Dino Crisis game everyone was hoping for, but Hiroyuki Kobayashi, a key figure behind the original Dino Crisis games, has confirmed he’s involved in the new project.]

Kobayashi-san worked as a planned on 1999’s Dino Crisis and served as as producer on Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 3, revealed on Twitter that he’s working on the game, although he didn’t specific exactly what capacity this is. Still., it’s good to hear that an old Dino Crisis developer is involved in the project.

ExoPrimal was announced during Sony’s State of Play last week, and takes place in the year 2040, which sees Earth under attack from dinosaurs.

With cities being reduced to rubble by the marauding creatures, the Aibius Corporation steps up with its Leviathan AI tech, which is able to forecast where the dinosaurs will strike next, and deploy a force of Exofighters to counter the threat.

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ExoPrimal is scheduled for release in 2023 for PS4 and PS5. Sadly, it doesn’t look like a new Dino Crisis game will be released anytime soon, although we still live in hope that one day the IP will be revived.

[Source – Hiroyuki Kobayashi on Twitter via PSLS]