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Disney & Pixar’s Up Has Been Rated For PSP, Looks Set For PS Plus Classics Catalog

Taiwan’s rating board as posted up a listing for Disney & Pixar’s Up video game for the PSP, which pretty much confirms the game will be joining the ranks of the PS Plus Classics game catalog in the near future.

Sony hasn’t announced anything official at this point, but we’ve seen many instances where classic games are rated only for them to turn up on PS Plus, so sit tight and we’ll probably get confirmation soon enough.

Up was released for multiple platforms in 2009 including PS2, PSP, PS3, PC, Wii, DS, and Xbox 360, with Asobo Studio handling the PSP version of the game. Published by THQ, Up follows the story of the film, although the PS2 and PSP versions is a more loose adaptation, with Carl and Russell taking longer detours through the jungle to reach the end of Paradise Falls. The PS3 version is much more faithful to the movie source material.

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Sony has slowly been adding PSP titles to its PS Plus Classics catalog in recent months, although the format holder has been attracting criticism from fans for its choice of games.

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