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Disney Plus 3.01 Patch Update Finally Brings 4K To PS4, PS5 Users

The Disney Plus update 3.01 has at long last added full 4K support for PS5 and PS4 owners, something which the app has been sorely lacking for Sony console owners. Oddly enough, the Xbox Series X app has already offered 4K and HDR support, so yes, this is a pretty major deal.

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Even on the PS5, the Disney Plus app had a resolution limitation of 1080p, which isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a high-end streaming service nowadays. Thankfully, that appears to have now been fixed!

In addition, folk have also found a way to address the subtitles look, which can be done by going to the Settings on your PS5 and switching on closed captions or subtitles. From here, you can customise the subtitles and switch them back off after, with any customisations you make being applied to Disney Plus.

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Disney Plus launched in November 2019 and as of January 2, 2021 has amassed 94.9 million users.

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