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Disney Speedstorm Hotfix Patch Notes Reveal Crash Fixes, Nerfs For Mike And Buffs For Sulley

Gameloft has released the Disney Speedstorm hotfix patch notes for you to digest, which comes packing a range of crash fixes, as well as some notable nerfs to Mike and buffs for Sulley.

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Mike Wazowski

  • Normal Activation of the “Hold The Door” Unique Skill will now spawn 1 door instead of 2. Charged Activation will still spawn 2 doors.
  • The distance players are teleported by doors in both directions has been reduced by 10%.
  • Doors will now disappear after 10 seconds. (Down from 20 seconds)


  • The Area of Effect (AOE) of the “Fearsome Roar” Unique Skill has been increased, making it easier to stun rival Racers.
  • The shape of the AOE has also been adjusted to make it easier to stun rivals.
  • The effect “Fearsome Roar” has on rival Racers has been changed from a long stun to a shorter stun and now has knock back.
  • Activating “Fearsome Roar” will now refill Sulley’s Manual Boost Bar whether rival Racers have been stunned or not.
  • Additional Manual Boost is now received by Sulley for each rival Racer stunned by “Fearsome Roar”.


Unique Skills

  • Fixed an issue causing the effects of the Charged Activation of Celia Mae’s Unique Skill “Snake And Shake” to persist for the duration of a race under certain circumstances.


  • Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes get stuck in an infinite respawn loop after falling off a grind rail on the Toon Village racetrack.
  • Fixed an issue causing Founder’s Pack Welcome Screens from appearing every time the game is launched on PS4.
  • Fixed various crash instances.
  • Various Stability improvements.