Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PS4

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Goes Free-To-Play With Limited Options

dissidia final fantasy nt free-to-play

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the Square Enix fighting game set in the Final Fantasy universe, is going free-to-play in Japan later this month. However, it’s not the full game!

According to Gematsu,via the latest issue of Japanese magazine Shonen Gangan, players will be restricted to which characters can be used. In fact, available playable characters will be switched around at regular intervals.

Alternatively, players will have the option to buy individual characters. The prices are set at 800 yen for the Basic Set. You can then upgrade further for 300 yen for the 4th Weapons and another 100 yen for the EX Weapon.

Story mode will not be available, and the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT free-to-play version will focus on battles, with some modes differing from the full-priced game. However, players owning either the main version or the free version will be able to fight against each other.

Also, if you do decide to purchase the full version, all your game servers will be carried over. It’s currently not known whether the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT free-to-play version will launch in the West. The Japanese version launches on the PlayStation Store on November 22, 2018.

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