DJ Max Fever announced for PSP

PM Studios has officially announced their upcoming PlayStation Portable title DJ Max Fever. Not many people are aware of it but DJ Max is a title that truly inspired the music game genre all over the globe. The title has been a hit sensation not only in China and Japan, but in the United States as well. For the fans of the series, you’ll be more than pleased with this announcement as DJ Max Fever is preparing to bring an entirely new experience to users everywhere.

Hi-Resolution Widescreen Graphics: Fully optimized to take full advantage of the graphical prowess of the PSP. Create awesome combos and watch the screen flair with life as the animations blend fluidly with your beats.

New Freestyle and Extreme Modes: Exclusive modes created for the PSP format of the title. Perform the perfect mix and enter the Freestyle More or execute various goals in the Extreme Challenge to become the ultimate Deejay.

Master the Classic DJ MAX: Gameplay features over 50 songs and 5 difficulty levels designed for players of all ranges.

Challenge your Friends: Enjoy a customizable network battle mode that will allow you to test each player’s skills.

Collect Music Videos, Soundtracks and Images: Create your very own collection gallery with points you earn from playing the game. DJ Max Fever features hundreds of purchasable items that will add a ton of replay value to the title.

If all of these new implementations have your mouth watering for some Deejay action, you’ll be able to pick the title up come November 8 of this year.