DMC: Devil May Cry will appear to run at 60 fps thanks to Dragon’s Dogma

Ninja Theory revealed today that the low framerate issue for its upcoming reboot title Devil May Cry has been fixed thanks to some development tricks learned from creating Dragon’s Dogma.

Hideaki Itsuno, director at Ninja Theory, revealed that an undisclosed trick learned from developing Dragon’s Dogma will trick the eye into believing that the locked-in 30 frames per second refresh rate will look like 60. 

"60 frames per second is a speed the brain and the eye can catch up with and understand, But at 30 frames per second there’s a technique where you take advantage of the brain’s ability to fill in the blanks. So even though you have it running at 30 frames per second, you create the motions and the poses in such a way that the brain will naturally fill in what would have been the extra frames."

Itsuno goes on to talk about how the development team also lessened the time between pressing buttons on the controller and the actions bound to those buttons taking place. Intertwining that with effects that simulate fluid motion, the experience for the rebooted version of Devil May Cry appears to be in the hands of developers capable to fulfilling their vision and making it work well. Are you guys excited for the remake?

Via Eurogamer