DMC4 demo to hit European PSN next week

Capcom announced today that European PlayStation 3 owners will be able to get their hands on the upcoming Devil May Cry 4 demo from January 31, 2008.

The European version will arrive approximately one week after its North American and Japanese counterpart, which is due out on Thursday’s weekly PSN update. As reported earlier today, the demo contains a tutorial of the highly publicized ‘Devil Bring’ feature, in addition to a number of locations and a boss fight.

Set between the events of the original Devil May Cry and its sequel, Devil May Cry 4 pits players in the shoes of Nero – a dexterous, highly accomplished swordsman and gunslinger.

Clashing with series protagonist Dante in the middle of a demonic invasion of the city of Fortuna, players must guide Nero on a quest for the truth as they make use of his deadly Devil Bringer arm, which gamers can utilize to string together a slew of devastating attack combos.

The full game is due out in North America on February 5, with a European release arriving shortly after on February 8.