Dragon Quest Builders gets PSN preorder exclusive – available now

Dragon Quest Builders is now available to preorder on the PlayStation Store, and it arrives with a PSN exclusive.

Due for release on PlayStation 4 and Vita on October 15, if you pre-order Dragon Quest Builders from the Store you get:

  • Six special monster battle tickets and blueprints
  • All day one edition content
  • Dragon Quest Builders block theme

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Day One Edition content includes:

  • The Slimy Block recipe
  • Springtide Sprinkles recipe
  • Gold Block receipe


Described as a block-building RPG, comparisons have been made between Dragon Quest Builders and the Minecraft franchise, mainly due to the art-style, and the fact that it’s a sandbox role-playing game.

The story will take place in the continent of Alefgard with players tasked with reclaiming the land which has been taken over by an evil villain.

Find out more information on the PlayStation blog.

An international release date is yet to be confirmed.