Dragon’s Crown cover art plays it safe after sexualization controversy

A couple weeks ago, Kotaku writer Jason Schreier took Dragon’s Crown artist George Kamitani to task over the well-endowed attributes of the Sorceress character in the trailer below. We don’t need to be any more descriptive than that. I mean, just watch the video.

Kamitani responded with some Facebook snarkiness and apologized for offending Schreier. Schreier apologized for insinuating that Kamitani was "a 14-year-old boy." The game industry lives to fight another day, but the implications of this controversy are still being felt.

Take Dragon’s Crown’s official box art, revealed earlier today. You’ll notice that this artwork plays it remarkably safe, given that the game’s marketing has been anything but shy with its hyper-sexualized characters. For evidence of that approach, look no further than the batch of screenshots we just added to our game gallery, including the one below.

Today also brought details about a pretty serious pre-order bonus: the Dragon’s Crown Artbook, a 64-page soft-cover volume with color illustrations of characters, environments, and more from Vanillaware and ATLUS’ long-in-development title.

So, what do you think of the cover art? How about the whole "14-year-old boy" business? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Kyle Prahl respects artistic liberty, but thinks the female character designs in Dragon’s Crown are just plain grotesque. You can follow him on Twitter to enjoy the ravings of a college student who writes about video games.