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Dragon’s Crown Pro Runes – Combos And What They Do

Dragon's Crown Pro Runes 01

Dragon’s Crown Pro Runes – One of the most useful things that you have at your disposal in Dragon’s Crown Pro are the various runes, and more importantly, the spells and special effects that they can create when the correct combinations are used.

Of course, you can see the combinations yourself when you’re in town, but when you’re out in the field (and assuming you haven’t painstakingly written them all down on pen and paper), you just don’t have access to that information any longer.

Well, we’ve solved that problem for you because not only do we have the full chart below, but we describe what each spell does, too.

Dragon's Crown Pro Runes 02

Dragon’s Crown Pro Runes – What They Do

Now, onto what the spells *actually* do! (Beware some story spoilers below)

Call Sylphide’s Wind – Creates a barrier which uses wind to shield all players

D I E – Related to the story (No special active effect)

Dead Be Gone – Kills all undead foes

Double Score Bonus – Doubles all score earned

Enchanted Coin Geyser – Causes a random amount of money to spray around the screen

Extra Item Stock – Allows all consumable items to be used one extra time

Generate Weapon Stash – Creates a crate stuffed with temporary use weapons

Life From Stone – Related to the story (Brings statues to life)

Open The Sesame – Any hidden doors are opened

Petrify The Flesh – Freeze enemies to the spot

Potency And Durability – Provides buffs to both attack and defence

Reveal Mystery Zone – Related to the story – (enables access to the Illusionary Lands)

Salve of Life – Creates a healing circle

Sigil Of Death – Casts a spell that has a high chance of destroying all enemies in range

Solomon’s Flying Carpet – Related to the story (Creates a magic carpet to be ridden)

Strength Beyond Strength – Makes a player immune to all damage

The Phoenix Incarnation – Gives all players one extra life point

The Skeleton Key – Opens all hidden doors

The True Fist – Increases the damage of all unarmed attacks

Treasure Hunter’s Friend – Reveals hidden treasure

Tri-Elemental Blast – Casts an AoE spell that contains Fire, Ice and Lighting elements

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Source: Dragon’s Crown Wiki & Reverof1 at GameFAQs