Dragon’s Dogma 2 has not been completely ruled out by Capcom

Speaking during an interview with PC Gamer, Capcom’s Minae Matsukawa and Kento Kinoshita have spoken out about the possibility of a sequel to the company’s 2012 fantasy-RPG hit, Dragon’s Dogma.

While a follow-up to the well-received title has yet to be announced, it seems that Capcom is willing to explore a potential follow-up, with Dragon’s Dogma 2 not being completely ruled out by the Japanese software giant.

Here’s what the duo, alongside Jon Airhart, the producer of the upcoming PC port of Dragon’s Dogma, had to say on the matter of a sequel:

Thanks for your interest in the series! The Dragon’s Dogma development team members often talk about the possibility of a sequel. We’d love to hear the opinions and feedback from players of the upcoming PC port of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, as that will increase the chances that we can look into the possibility of continuing the series.

Dragon’s Dogma was originally released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and was produced by a number of staff members who had worked on some of Capcom’s most prolific IPs, such as Resident Evil, Breath of Fire, and Devil May Cry. The game takes place in an open-world fantasy landscape, and takes advantage of a unique Pawn system, whereby the player’s character is accompanied by three AI-controlled teammates, who can be issued rudimentary orders when out in the field. 

Capcom followed Dragon’s Dogma with the enhanced pack, Dark Arisen, which features the original game plus a host of extra content, including a new area to explore. To date, Dragon’s Dogma and the Dark Arisen expansion have sold a combined total of 2.3 million copies worldwide as of September 2015. Dragon’s Dogma Online, a spin-off free-to-play title, was released in Japan for PS4, PS3, and PC in August 2015. 

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