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Dreams Dev Wants To See Best User-Created Content On PS Store

Media Molecule’s Mark Healey has revealed he wants to see Dreams‘ best user-created content made available to download on the PlayStation Store as a full product.

Dreams Creator Wants To See Content On PS Store

Dreams user content for PS Store?

Speaking with Video Game Chronicle, Healey suggested that there’s enough content created by users to warrant chucking it on the PS Store as a full release.

He added that Sony is working out what it is able to legally do in terms of allowing its users to monetise content, but reckons having full releases on the PS Store are “a no-brainer.”

One of the obvious things I think—this is a slight update if you like—one of the obvious things that I think we should do as a no-brainer is handpick some of the content that’s brilliant and go through the motions of taking it out as a standalone product and putting it on the PSN Store.

It would make a fantastic story and seeing how the community has developed over such a short period of time, there’s already stuff in there that’s close to PSN worthy, I think, so that at the very least will happen I’m sure, I’ll make that happen.

The ultimate aim is for people to be able to monetise their stuff somehow, but it’s a delicate balance. It’s not just about, ‘how do you get things past the lawyers?’ It’s also about, what is it you want to get past the lawyers in the first place? What’s the model?

It’s a tricky one because you don’t want to spoil that sense of people sharing and collaborating, you want to keep it friendly and money can easily make things turn a different way.

Especially when you see the quality that’s starting to come out of it as well, it’s just an obvious thing. I mean some people are already making money from it really, just from their YouTube channels showing, ‘look, watch me develop a game in 20 hours in time lapse.’

Dreams is now available for the PlayStation 4 as a full release, and you can read our review here.