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Dreams Update 2.14 Patch Notes Announced

Media Molecule has confirmed details on the Dreams update 2.14 patch notes, which is now available to download on PS4.

Dreams Update 2.14 Patch Notes

What wonders does 2.14 contain, we hear you ask…? First up – our final pack for the Welcome Garden Kit! Introducing atmosphere and mood elements for your creations, including snazzy new tunes.

You’ll also find some art elements, aaand… our Welcome Garden Adventure game, a playable dream made of things we’ve released in the kit! We’re also introducing some updates to our playlists and banners in the Dreamiverse, as well as improving the wording you’ll see when releasing your creations.

What’s New

  • Welcome Garden Finale Pack – Our final Welcome Garden Pack, featuring elements to add atmosphere and mood to your creations, as well as some bonus sculptures.
  • Welcome Garden Adventure – A fully playable game, made up entirely of content from the Welcome Garden Kit.

Updates & Improvements

  • Updated: Dreamiverse Playlist and Banner Updates – Banners will now display video content. We’re also adding support for future playlist topics.
  • Updated: Wording around publishing content which has dependencies (e.g. contains private elements) has been improved.
  • Fixed: A bug where users were recommended tutorials for the incorrect control scheme.
  • Other fixes and improvements.