DriveClub release set for June, claims OPM Italy

According to Official PlayStation Magazine Italy (via VG247), PlayStation 4-exclusive racer DriveClub will be released in June.

Originally due out alongside the PS4 last November, the Evolution Studios-developed title was pushed back into early 2014 — or so we thought.

While Sony has indicated a release date will be forthcoming soon, it is a surprise to see that the game won’t be here until summer — that is, assuming OPM is on the mark.

DriveClub, unlike the MotorStorm franchise, won’t focus on off-road racing, but rather your standard race affair across various road tracks. Despite this, it isn’t classed as a simulator like Gran Turismo, but rather is seen as a rival to the likes of GRID 2.

Are you looking forward to DriveClub? Do you think June sounds like a solid release date, or do you feel it’ll turn up sooner? Sound off in the comments section below.