Drunkn Bar Fight PS4 psvr

Drunkn Bar Fight On PSVR Looks A Riot

drukn bar fight ps4

Fancy your chances in a drunken bar fight? Well, you can now enjoy all the thrills of glassing folk, throwing darts at their heads and kicking the living daylights out of people down the pub looking for a brawl in the new PSVR game, Drunkn Bar Fight.

Available to download on the PlayStation Store this week, Drunkn Bar Fight sees you heading to a bar where the locals are looking for trouble. The more you drink, the stronger you get. As the locals attack you, you can use pub paraphernalia around you to take them down, including pool balls, bottles of beer and chairs. Or you can keep it real by engaging in a good old-fashioned fist fight.

Judging by the hilarious footage we’ve seen, it could be an absolute riot, but we're hoping that the animations from its early access release on Steam – which look truly awful – have been improved for the PS4 version.

We've watched a fair few videos of Drunkn Bar Fight On PSVR, but this one is by far our favorite. Check it out in action!

The Drunkn Bar Fight PS4 trophy list also reveals some of the entertaining violent moves that you can pull off, including hitting a character in the nuts and head-butting.

Gold Trophy

  • Bullzeye
    Hit an AI character in the eye with a dart

Silver trophy

  • Batz
    Use bat on opponent
  • Headz
    Throw up over side in rooftop
  • Dropz
    Send opponent off building

Bronze Trophy

  • Nutz – Hit AI character in nuts

  • Tunez – Change the radio station

  • Comboz – Hit an AI character up in the air and punch him before he lands

  • Buttz – Head butt

  • Gustz – Use fire extinguisher

  • Lightz – Drop lights on opponent in Saloon

  • Bubbliez – Hit opponent with cork from champagne

  • Tossz – Throw opponent into other opponents

Fancy a fight? See you at the bar when Drunkn Bar Fight releases on PS4 for PSVR on February 13, 2018.