DuckTales gets ‘Duckumentary’ on art

DuckTales Remasterd has received a suitably-dubbed ‘Duckumentary’ focusing on the art of the upcoming Disney platform title.

The team at WayForward discuss the evolution of Scrooge McDuck and co. from classic NES sprites into the modern high-definition era, where the team have given the Richest Duck in the World a range of new animations.

Check it out below.

DuckTales was originally released on the NES in 1989, garnering critical acclaim for its non-linear gameplay and going on to become one of the most treasured retro platform titles created. This update has faithfully re-created the game’s stages, characters and soundtrack, albeit with improved sound effects and visuals.

DuckTales Remastered is due out on PlayStation Network in August.

Did you enjoy the original DuckTales? Or perhaps you missed out on the game but grew up watching the Disney cartoon series? Share your memories below.