Duke Nukem Forever DLC detailed

2K Games has announced details of Duke Nukem Forever’s first batch of downloadable content, which will be available for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 this autumn.

Titled Hail to the Icons Parody Pack, the DLC offers three new game modes and four additional multiplayer maps, each one packing a new weapon to boot.

The Icons Parody Pack will be available free to all First Access Club members who registered their FAC membership prior to the release of Duke Nukem Forever last month.

Details of the new game modes can be seen below.

-Freeze Tag – Players cooperate to freeze and shatter their opponents in succession for huge point streaks and combos. See who can hold on to the babe the longest in Hot Potato and play free-for-all Duke style in Hail to the King.

-Call of Duke – Duke engages in modern combat in a war-torn city. Foes don’t stand a chance against the Duke when he spams the map with the N00b T00b.

-Sandbox – Players take the role of mini-Duke in a giant sandbox with two bases at either end made out of children’s toys. This map features Sticky Bombs.

-Inferno – Time machine engage! Duke does combat in a hellish landscape of lava and teleporters. Who turned on the 16-bit graphics, and more importantly, where did this DFG come from?
-2Forts1Bridge – Hats? Duke doesn’t need no stinking hats. Give him a minigun and he’ll beat off all comers.