DUST 514 sidearm expert challenge begins – winners can name new weapons

The latest community event for DUST 514 kicks off today, October 3 and ends on October 20, 2014, giving players the chance to name some new in-game weapons.

To take part in the event you must use a Militia Sidearm to get as many kills as possible in the given time period.

The full set of rules and eligible weapons are displayed below:

– Event begins at 11:00 UTC on Friday, 3 October, and ends at 11:00 UTC on Monday, 20 October.

– If two players are tied for the top score on a single day, the player with the most total kills over all days will be granted the prize.

– A single player may name multiple weapons if they manage to achieve the highest scores with each of them.

– All scores are taken on a character basis, though all characters from a single account are eligible.

– Only kills in Public Contracts are counted towards this challenge.

– Weapon names are not restricted to the name of the winning character, but are still subject to approval from CCP. CCP retains the right to refuse any suggestions for names by the winning player. If a compromise between CCP and the winning player cannot be reached, the naming rights will be moved to the next highest scoring player.

Eligible Weapons
– Militia Nova Knives
– Militia Submachine Gun
– Militia Magsec SMG
– Militia Bolt Pistol
– Militia Scrambler Pistol
– Militia Flaylock Pistol
– Militia Ion Pistol

Even if you don’t get the top spot, you’ll still net yourself 1000 Skill Points for every kill you get with a cap of 750,000 Skill Points (750 kills).

This new event follows the Million Clone Challenge where the goal of one million clone kills was absolutely smashed with a final kill count of 2,403, 250.

So, come on mercs, grab your sidearms and collect some (Amarrian) blood.